Hello everyone!
I won't lie to you... I totally forgot about blogging... I'm a terrible blogger. But really and truthfully, with my mind being all over the place with losing my Grandparents... I haven't really known what to blog about!
But I figured that I would let you guys know what I have been up to since you last heard from me! :D Today is actually my brother's birthday.. and although he's been a bit of a twat recently, I need to make this snappy as I promised to go out for a family meal.
A part from having a tiny make over of my room, myself, Will and Jon went to Glasgow the other day! I have never been to Scotland! Nore had Jon. But Will managed to get three tickets to the filming of season 2 of Robot Wars! Whilst there, the audience was filmed for reactions to the Christmas show which will be aired on 20th December! So we may be shown in the show!! We were also there for the filming of the final of season 2! We know who was in the final battle, but due to our flight, we weren't able to see it... so it will still be a total surprise for us when we come to watch it on tv!
We have also seen a couple of movies recently as well! (Dr. Strange, Arrival and Fantastic Beasts). I've done all of my Christmas shopping already! Just need to wrap everything, and all my cards are now written out!

For now, here are 2 photos of my little room update... and one of me for ego reasons :P
I'll blog some more over Christmas! I PROMISE!!!

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